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 The Green Beautiful - Movie

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PostSubject: The Green Beautiful - Movie   Wed Oct 01, 2014 2:22 pm

A funny spiritual awakening movie ( french) with English subtitles

On the Green Beautiful, a utopian planet much smaller than Earth, Mila, a rather young woman - by the reconking of her people, at any rate - volunteers to go on planet Earth at the yearly planet reunion. It has been two hundred years since they had last sent Osam (an old sage) and Mila's father there, and they had come back with what they believed were nasty tidings: the people of Earth lived in a generally bad condition. Osam mentions Napoleon and stresses the fact that at that point in the development on earth, there was still money - a notion that baffles even the wisest folk of the Green Beautiful. Apparently, it seems that without money, you have nothing.

No one on the Green Beautiful wishes to go to Earth; their opinion of Earth actually isn't all that flattering. They see the people of Earth as unevolved, and unwilling to change. Mila, however, who knows that her mother was from Earth, is the only one to volunteer, and so is sent to Earth on the purpose of bringing back news of how things have worked out since the nineteenth century.

Edit: i found a new working link  MOVIE


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The Green Beautiful - Movie
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