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 Approaching deep fear beliefs and walking through the veils

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PostSubject: Approaching deep fear beliefs and walking through the veils   Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:29 am

Approaching deep fear beliefs and walking through the veils

Author: Karen Dover

As the energies begin to flow within each human vehicle there comes moments when the emotional blocks begin to break down, these are experienced at a human conscious waking mind level as FEAR. It will be presented to us by our human logical minds in the most scary way possible, after all this is what the fear vibration was created to do, to trigger a very deep energetic response.

As the frequencies of fear have been anchored deep within the cellular structure of the human race for eternity the fear frequencies that are coming up at this time are almost primal. By this I mean they are the dark monsters under our bed when we were little. They may have no human reference point in that they cannot be related to a scenario or an event, what is felt is deep primal fear, a huge cloud of dread and this will be triggering.

Depending on the karmic overcoat that we have worn upon entry into the old 3D earth created construct the fear will be one that we have faced over and over, lifetime after lifetime. As “karma” is not TRUTH and is a created construct taught to the human race in order they accept repeating the same experiences over and over, life time after lifetime it is not supported in the New Earth frequency realities.

I cannot underline enough the need to breathe when these fears rise within. The old 3D earth created construct taught us to react almost instantly, to stop the fear rising, this is taught in order that the fear runs at a deep unconscious mind level, this becomes almost a background to the human life experience, always there but just out of being able to fully feel it. Thus a constant frequency of fear is radiate from within the human vehicle.

It is this out pouring of previously HELD human fear that is being seen in the outer waking world, the residue of the old 3D earth created constructs feeding on this fear and attempting to gain a foothold that can never be. This sees situations attempt to manifest and then break down. This feeds the human logical mind that then goes into “puzzle solving” mode, this is why it makes no difference at all to interact with the outer waking world when it is in chaos, only TRUTH can anchor, anything that it is not TRUTH will dissolve. This is relatively easy to state but can be challenging to implement in human waking life. After all the fear frequency stimulates REACTION and it is the reaction that furthers the fear frequency. The blindness that descends is complete, the focus only on the fear and the need to dissolve it before something bad happens is driving much in the world at this time.

LOVE in TRUTH is the highest frequency that exists and is working at ALL MOMENTS to dissolve these fear frequencies, this is experienced as waves of energy that appears to settle and then begins to move once more into chaotic events. The human logical mind of course cannot physically see the frequencies and the human eyes will accept only what is being BELIEVED internally. This sees almost 90 per cent of available extra information filtered out and the focus honed in on the fear and the need to eradicate said fear.

So how is it possible to let go of the fear frequency if it blinds so completely? By taking a step towards the fear. This may sound back to front but everything is within the old 3D earth created construct, remember we are looking into a mirror, all is backwards. To step towards the fear with an open heart and FAITH and TRUST will see the situations begin to unravel and the holding of the higher frequency, the LOVE that IS, will work to dissolve the situation as it begins to try to manifest.

I say try because as we waiver and shift in frequency it may appear that the situation that is unfolding shifts into a negative. There are no negatives in nature, the shifting is not physically seen and the human logical mind will create based on ASSUMPTION which is related to the original belief. This is why we are asked to walk in TRUST and to LET GO, the temptation to plow in and to force a situation or plow in and obliterate it may be overwhelming at times but serves no one. There is a universal balance that is at work and it works unseen by the human eyes.

This is living in the NOW moment, where ALL can and will change in a blink of a human eye, this is against human logic and why many will simply dismiss it. However TRUTH JUST IS and all that is now unfolding is seeking to show us at human waking mind level that our fears are but veils that have hidden us from TRUTH. Do not assume that a situation is the “same” as a previous experience for that is another ruse of the old 3D earth created construct, how many of you have the phrase “never going there again” swimming around your brain?

It is very tempting to assume that a situation is the “same” as before and either default to the same reaction or simply filter it out. Both ways that I have just stated here will have the situation repeated until you are shown that it is but a veil. This is the self policing that was created within the old 3D earth created construct. How many of you are going through situations with those around you giving you advice on how they handled something similar?

This filters out that they are NOT YOU therefore their advice does not apply to you for it cannot, it only applies to their experience. But they will attempt to “help” you to save you from the outcome. This self policing has kept the human race in chains within the old 3D earth created construct. It further confuses and drives the chaos that creates the “puzzle that is not there” that stimulates the need for reaction.

It seems totally illogical to do “nothing” when faced with a primal fear yet we are not doing “nothing” that is not possible, we are BEing, we are opening to the higher frequency of the LOVE that IS and we are dissolving the fear with love, just because we cannot see it is happening does not negate the healing. Many at this time are praying for miracles, LET GO and allow the miracle to manifest, miracles are out with the human logical mind, they are the solutions that the human logical mind will not reach and they are all around at this time. When faced with a fear frequency, open the heart space and RADIATE LOVE through, around and within you and allow TRUTH to be shown to you.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated and article remains intact. No permission is granted to change the format of this article which is written and must remain free to access at all times.


"I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.I honor the place in you of love, of truth, of peace, and of light. And when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one."
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Approaching deep fear beliefs and walking through the veils
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