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 March 2015 Energy Report

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PostSubject: March 2015 Energy Report   Mon Mar 02, 2015 8:20 am

March 2015 Energy Report

Entering a month that has so much energetic activity can be a little overwhelming. We know what’s coming up but we don’t know how it’s going to impact us. Let me start by saying that nothing ‘happens’ to us, we create our lives according to our  healing and transformation needs. But we are now at the point where we can bypass the tough lessons and move into more fulfilling and joy-filled living. We can keep that in mind as we chart the course for this month.

In the 2015 Predictions I introduced an energy aspect I called ‘the Alpha and the Omega’. The ‘Alpha’ portion began with the new moon at 0 Pisces on February 18, the conjunction of Mars,  Venus, and the Moon at 0 Aries the day after, and ends at the Omega with the March 20 new moon eclipse at 29 Pisces, which is also the Equinox. This is a journey from the first point in the zodiac to the last, a whirlwind tour through our cosmic consciousness.

If you look at the symbols for alpha and omega, which are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, something interesting happens. Round out the top and remove the bar in the middle, create a more stable base (more grounded), and the letter alpha becomes the omega; the beginning morphs into the end. This is where we are now, releasing the ‘veil’, our separation, which we used to cloak our divinity so we could do the work of our humanity, to re-integrate ourselves as divine, going back to the point where we began. Alpha and Omega are not separate, they are different versions of the same thing.

What’s so special about March and if we’re moving into timelessness, why are we focused on the calendar date? To understand that we have to look at the numerology and the vibration of numbers. March is the third month in an 8 year (2015 = 8,  8 + 3 = 11). While we have had 11 vibration months since 2000, in November 2000, August 2001, July 2002, June 2003, May 2004, April 2007, January 2010, July 2011, June 2012, May 2013, and April 2014, we haven’t had the combination of ending cycles and the energy we’re expanding now, plus the 8 year until now. That is what makes March 2015 different. The last 15 years have been tough and we have not been at this point in the ascension cycle until now. And we have had the Uranus/Pluto square effect since June 2012, which has cast a pall over everything that has happened since then.

Every month has a keyword and this month’s is ‘re-vision’. If the world we live in is an illusion, we can change the illusion by creating a different illusion to replace it. We interact with the world’s illusion in our daily lives, and we are either reacting to the world’s illusion or creating our unique vision of the world. Look at the words ‘create’ and ‘react’, they contain exactly the same letters, arranged in different ways (OK, create has an extra ‘e’). When we create we are leading the illusion with our own vision; when we react the illusion is leading us with its vision. Which would you rather be doing, creating or reacting (and these two words have the same letters)? Creating is much more powerful and we are co-creators with the Universe, so we need to be creating the world we want to live in, not waiting for the world to change for us.

The month begins with a lovely Jupiter, Venus, Uranus grand trine in fire signs, at 14 degrees, which is also close to the degree of this month’s final Uranus/Pluto square (more about that in a minute). This is ‘action Jackson’ time, an opportunity to engage luck and blessings, beauty and value, action and evolution, in a flurry of activity that reminds us to dream big and be ready for change. It only lasts a few days but it starts the month off in a very positive way.

Then, on the 5th we have a full moon at 14 Virgo, which again highlights the Uranus/Pluto square degree and it’s squared by Venus. It may be time to plan for action, but maybe not quite time to implement until we’re sure it’s worth it. Make sure you value the changes you are making and be clear about what that means to you. Virgo can be extremely detail oriented, like the  mother who still reminds you to wear clean underwear in case you are in an accident, when you’re 45 years old. But it adds another layer of support to the upcoming square a few days later. Do you see how the energy builds in layers? This is what happens all month.

The big action in March is the Uranus/Pluto square on the 17th with Mars square Pluto, the New Moon eclipse on the 20th and the Equinox, all happening in the same week. This is the final of 7 Uranus/Pluto squares and it has several interesting aspects. It’s the only one where both Uranus and Pluto are direct (all of the others had one or the other planet retrograde or stationary), it corresponds to the Crown Chakra, or source of our divinity, Mars squares Pluto, a rather volatile aspect, and it closes a 50 year cycle which began in 1962 to 1966, with the Uranus/Pluto conjunction. That was the time of the flower children, peace not war, free love, and social revolution. A movement was started against an entrenched establishment. We’re pushing that movement up to the next level now – the details may be a little different but the message is the same. We’re gathering together, with the internet, facebook, twitter, instagram, and pinterest as our 21st century ‘Woodstock’, to collectively take a stand for our vision of society and the world.

Pluto takes 248 years to go around the zodiac and the last time it was at 14 degrees of Capricorn the American Revolution was beginning — it was at 14 deg  Capricorn when the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre happened. This is a prime time for movements to upset the status quo, individually and collectively. The way things ‘have always been done’ will not work any longer. We are creating new paradigms now, that fit our desire for peace on earth, for connection, equality, fairness, love, and compassion. This is true for the collective, as well as the individual. Where we are accepting the status quo, whether that is limiting our dreams, not having confidence in our abilities, being afraid in general, or not having a big and bold vision for our lives, those must change for us to use this energy effectively.

Saturn retrogrades starting March 14 and ending on August 1. It will go back into Scorpio, for a final look at lessons and situations from 2014. No need to panic, Saturn gives us a second chance to re-visit the past before we finally let it go. The question to ask is ‘Do I want this in my life now, or not?’. And sometimes you don’t even have to ask the question as your energy shifts create a ripple effect that is felt by everyone in your life. They may leave before you even ask the question and that’s OK, as they will be replaced by people who are more attuned to your new frequency and vibration.

And after the 17th, we have more balancing and grounding energy available via Mars and Venus being in their own signs, Aries and Taurus. This is the cosmic couple at their very best, another supportive influence for the ongoing divine masculine and divine feminine integration, which is not about gender, it is about balancing the energy of giving and receiving, of creation and action, within ourselves. We’re continuing to prepare for our new divine partnerships with our kindred spirits — no more soulmate relationships with all of their karma and drama. We want peaceful, committed, loving, respectful, and supportive connections now.

This is a month for forward movement, to be in our power as much as possible. What are we tolerating or settling for? Where are we willing to be bold and courageous? How can we eclipse the past, to create the Omega from the Alpha, in a single bold, graceful move that allows us to cross the 4th dimensional bridge into 5th dimensional awareness? Can we truly see ourselves as multi-dimensional, powerful, interconnected beings, both within the family of humanity and with the Universe? If there was ever a time when it was time to ‘walk our talk’, this is it. It has taken all we have to get here, and we can’t give up just as this ascension cycle is closing. We have done the work we needed to do, now it’s time to reap our rewards and have some fun.

The energy this month supports us but it isn’t going to tell us what to do. We have to decide our next steps and it’s time for us to shed our Christ Consciousness and its Martyred Healer aspects to align with our Christed Consciousness. We have struggled long enough, we have cried enough tears, and we’re ready to lead the charge from healing to wholeness, from separation to oneness, from limitation to expansion. If you’re on board, then be ready to celebrate a month that will inspire, challenge, and compel you to create the life you want to live, and experience profound joy by becoming 360 + 1, the one step that takes you out of the old cycle and into a new one. This is the birth of the new year, which begins with the Equinox. So if you were celebrating ‘out with the old and in with the new’ on January 1, revive that celebration with a new appreciation of yourself and your power, and let’s end this cycle in style.

Have a wonderful  month.


Copyright (c) 2015 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, copy, translate and link to this article, in its entirety, on free, non-donation based websites only, as long as you include the author name and a working link back to this website. All other uses are strictly prohibited.



"I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.I honor the place in you of love, of truth, of peace, and of light. And when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one."
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March 2015 Energy Report
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