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 Meditation for implant removal spiritual limitation

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PostSubject: Meditation for implant removal spiritual limitation   Wed Oct 15, 2014 8:03 am

Meditation for implant removal spiritual limitation

This information has been prepared especially for you, The Lightworker on the path of ascension.

It's time to start recovering the powers we have given away many millennia ago. Times are arrived.

Let Light, Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth Divine.

The experience of release of “implants” is a big step in your return to your true power.

The release of “implants” will lead your life to a new level of clarity and purpose. Represents a collective release of many levels simultaneously karma. To have this kind of impact, is necessary to release the votes and agreements that keep the device in place, well as have the spiritual power to actually dissolve the “implants” same.

The “implants” and spiritual limitation devices are vibrating barriers in the way of the ascent that block your progress towards full autofacultacion. These masks putting you block your path and creating false realities in your consciousness, therefore limiting your access to your Higher. These are external control mechanisms of the Dark Forces that keep you in a dual reality. Although there are many types, purposes and causes, all unconscious channels act as negative energy in your life and represent karmic ties and associations that need to be healed and ground.


The “implants” represent collective karmic patterns that have been exposed externally by the Dark Forces, in an effort to control the thinking and emotional responses of humanity. Through the history of this sector of the Universe, Dual realities (good and evil) have been many. We as lightworkers have been on many of these different realities. We are now nearing the compliance time for this planet and ascension, by what it takes to be free again to return to our state fully empowered, leading the planet and its inhabitants with us. Every time we enter a new planetary system, to save him from the Dark Forces, it is necessary that we associate with the experience of life on this planet so we can change it from there. It is a sacred act embody a dual reality, appropriate their dysfunctions, rise above them and return them to God.

Who are the “Dark Forces?”

The dark forces are beings that do not honor the Mother / Father God as the Creator / Source. They seek to take energy and power of other beings rather than receive it from God. Although these beings were created by God, they (through their own free will) have participated in the illusion of separation from God and opposed to their creations in the level of duality. In his grief, they seek to control others. One way doing this is through the implants.

Some of the beings that comprise the dark forces often masquerade as the Light and are the source of much misinformation, well as energy systems that can be confused as curative Systems. They mix just enough truth with lies to confuse the clueless and are, in fact, the source of much channeled material. Always ask: “Is this information comes in the name of the vibration of Christ?”. Insist on their own internal confirmation that the truth will be shown. Keep in mind that while you still have “implants” can be difficult to make the distinction between Christ vibration transmissions and other lower.

Other beings are behind all satanic and black magic, these beings do not always seem evil. They can look very beautiful and / or sweet and charming. If you can perceive behind the facade, superficiality and will be able to feel a coldness behind the mask. There is also a quality in them vamp. Newly, ask whether a being or information is the vibration of Christ and emphasize the confirmation.

How do we get this information in our energy field we call “implants”?

These are received in different ways, in many different time frames, locations and situations. There are many different types of implants and purposes. They are soul karma we carry an incarnation to another. They spread the world to the fall of Atlantis. Encarnacion after incarnation, life after life, humans lost their ability to express their true inner and develop their spiritual faculties. So we come to the modern man with little awareness of its true spiritual power. The last way you have received implants is through partnerships with various spiritual organizations negative nature. This includes any religion that uses mind control and fear to strengthen control of its members. These are all major religious institutions, asi like them but obvious societies of black magic, who have used votes, agreements and related control mechanisms to exercise control over its members. Those vows of fidelity remain to be revoked. This energy needs to be transmuted.

Received implants through the subtle bodies and control our access to the higher frequencies.

When the vibrations fall to the level of duality and we believe in the illusion of separation from God (do not believe that we are one with Him), we become susceptible. Since humanity as a whole live in a dual reality and bought the illusion of separation from God, all are living under the influence of some kind of spiritual limitation device. We all have to be cleaned.

How do I know if I have implants?

The question is not if I have implants but I have implants What and how do I get rid of them?”. If you are in the world and have not been cleaned: you have them. This process will clear all known and unknown varieties, for all time frames, dimensions and locations simultaneously. Also there is a protection that is built with this process (when you receive the release transmission through a staff) to protect against any attempt by any negative information insertarte be back in your energy field.

Why most psychics can not see the implants?

Because they also have them and are therefore blind to these. It takes a special perspective oriented ascension to be aware of them and special knowledge to know what to do with these.

Why should I clean my implants now?

In the history of the world few have achieved ascension beings from the time of Jesus. The planet itself to a reality now stands fifth dimension. Grace has been extended to absolve all karma for those who choose the ascension to the. Part of Grace is the release of implants.

What do you clean this process?

This process cleans all implants and spiritual limitation devices, known and unknown, “arms” spiritual (negative psychotronic energy sent to you by someone else and that may be causing chronic pain in the body), parasites mental and emotional body (may be the cause of many physical illnesses), attached entities (is any disembodied spirit with any rope or cord that connects you, from both this life and in another pass), negative thought forms of all kinds (including curses, incantations and spells) and vows and agreements that keep you devices within.

Spiritual limitation devices consist of votes and / or contracts with negative spiritual brotherhoods, unholy alliances or associations whenever they've been without a guide or separated from God. These vows and agreements affect you until they are waived, because they leave you open to claims beings of these organizations. They have access to you in the dream state or the inner planes, and are the leading cause of spiritual interference in your life in physical and psychic levels. Those votes may also include vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, etc..

The bonds are karmic past life associations with certain individuals or places that flow through your present relationships and negatively affect.

You Will Be guided through the release of these vows and agreements for all time periods, dimensions and locations. After reciting the revocation of votes you may get into a dreamlike state of altered consciousness. Just relax and enjoy.

When you're ready for the removal of negative implants follow these steps:

1.- Allows a span of two hours for the whole process, or start the process an hour before your normal time to go to sleep. Unplug the phone and make sure you will not be disturbed.

2.- Lie down on your private space. If you sleep with a partner, make the process together or go to bed earlier.
This session requires informed consent to operate.

3.- First 15 minutes are to read and repeat the resignation of votes. This is very important and requires your conscious participation. The revocation of votes is a sacred process.

4.- Stay in a state of acceptance and delivery.

What should I expect during the process?

1.- Are normal energy movement sensations in and around your body. If at any time you experience stress during any part of your body, relax, breathes and thinks: RELEASE.

2.- It is normal for the presence of mental noise, hyperactivity, strong emotions and even nausea can occur or stomach pains. Relax, breathes and thinks: RELEASE.

3.- You have visions of various colors in motion, particularly violet and blue.

4.- Once you have finished with the revocation of votes and're under the removal of negative implants, can you go into an altered state sleepy. During this period the Masters and etheric surgeons are working with you "out of body".

5.- Have no expectations. Whatever you experience is appropriate for you. Since this process is deeply personal, everyone has a different experience. That's fine and does not mean you're doing something "wrong".

Ok , You ready? Let's start! Your commitment to your growth and your way is commendable service to the world! Recite aloud the revocation of votes that is:

Healing process and Removal:

"I appeal to Christ to calm my fears and to remove any external control mechanism that can interfere with this healing. I ask my Higher Self to close my aura and establish a Christic channel for the purposes of my healing, so that only the Christic energies to flow to me. No person shall make use of this other than to channel the flow of Divine energy.

" I now appeal to the Archangel Michael from the 13th Dimension, to completely seal and protect this sacred experience. I now appeal to the Circle of Security of the 13th dimension to seal, protect and grow through the shield of Archangel Michael, as well as to remove anything that is not Christ in nature and there is currently within this field. I now appeal to the Ascended Masters and our assistants Christic to remove and dissolve completely, each and every one of the seeded implants and their energies, parasites, spiritual weapons and devices of self-imposed limitation, both known and unknown.

Once that's completed, call for complete restoration and repair of the original energy field, infused with the golden energy of Christ. "
 I am free! I am free! I am free! I am free! I am free! I am free! I am free! "

I, being known as (....your name.....) in this particular incarnation, do hereby revoke and renounce all and each of the commitments of fidelity, vows, agreements and / or contracts of association that no longer serve my higher in this life, past lives, lives simultaneously in all dimensions, time periods and locations.

I now order all entities (which are linked to these contracts, organizations and associations which I now renounce) to cease and desist and to abandon my energy field now and for ever and in a retroactive manner, taking their gimmicks, devices, and energy sown. To ensure this, I now appeal to the Holy Spirit Shekinah to witness the dissolution of all contracts, arrangements and sown energies that do not honor God. This includes all alliances and beings that do not honor God as Supreme.

Besides, I ask that the Holy Spirit to "testify" that complete release of all that violates God's will. I declare this forward and backward. And rightly so. "I am now again secure my covenant with God through the rule of Christ and dedicate my entire being, my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual vibration of Christ, from this moment forward and retroactively. Furthermore, I dedicate my life, my work, everything I think, say and do and all things in my environment that still serves me, the vibration of Christ as well.

Besides, I dedicate my being to my own expertise and the path of ascension, so the planet as my own. Having declared all this I now authorize the Christ and my own Higher Self to make changes in my life to accommodate this new dedication and ask the Holy Spirit to testify that, too. I now declare this to God. Let it be written in the Book of Life. So be it. Thank God. "
" To the Universe and the whole Mind of God and every being It contained, at all places where it has been, experiences that may have joined and all beings who need this healing, whether known or unknown to me: any thing that may stand between us, I now heal and forgive.

I now appeal to the Holy Spirit Shekinah, the Lord Metatron, Lord Maitreya and Saint Germain to help and witness this healing. I forgive them for everything that needs to be forgiven between you and me. I ask you to forgive me for everything that needs to be forgiven between you and me. Most importantly, I forgive myself for everything that needs to be forgiven of my past incarnations and my Higher Self " . 
 "We are now collectively healed and forgiven, healed and forgiven, healed and forgiven.

We are all now elevated to our Christic beings. We're full, surrounded with gold love of Christ. We are filled and surrounded by the golden light of Christ. We are free from all the vibrations of the third and fourth dimensions of pain, fear and anger. All psychic ties and cords attached to these bodies, implanted devices, or energy contracts sown are now liberated and healed.

I now appeal to the Saint Germain transmute and rectify with the Violet Flame all my energies that were taken and return them to me in its purified state. "
" Once these energies come back to me, I ask that these channels through which it drained my energy be completely dissolved.

I ask the Lord Metatron we release the bonds of duality. I ask for the seal of the Dominion of Christ to be placed on me. I ask the Holy Spirit to testify that this is accomplished. And it is. "
" I Now I ask Christ to be with me and heal my wounds and scars. I also ask the Archangel Michael to mark me with his seal, that I be protected (a) forever from the influences that prevent me from doing the will of our Creator. " "So be it, I give thanks to God, the Ascended Masters, the angels and archangels and all others who have participated in this healing and continuous upgrading of my being. Selah.

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of the Universe!" Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Tsebaioth Adonai.


"I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.I honor the place in you of love, of truth, of peace, and of light. And when you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are one."
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Meditation for implant removal spiritual limitation
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